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Don Salvatore humidors travel humidor cigar humidor cigar accessories

Don Salvatore humidors travel humidor cigar humidor cigar accessories

All Don Salvatore humidors are made with an interior lining of Spanish cedar.

For the long-term storage of cigars, those humidors should be preferred, which are lined with Spanish cedar. For cabinet humidors also other woods with high humidity absorption capacity can be applied, since in cabinet humidors cigars are generally stored in their original spanish cedar boxes. For storing individual cigars in cabinet humidors a tray from Spanish cedar is recommendable.

Inside the humidor cigars should be stored at a relative humidity of approx. 68-74%.
Generally it is assumed that cigars can unfold their typical flavour best in such a climate. This level of humidity supports an even burning of the cigar. At a relative humidity level of 70%, the air contains approx. 10 grams of water per cubic meter of air. In such an environment, the cigar should absorb the ideal rate of humidity of 14% of its weight.

Dry cigars become fragile and burn faster, since their burn is not slowed down by the natural humidity of the cigar. The cigar gets an agressive and slightly bitter taste.

Damp cigars on the contrary burn unevenly and get a heavy and acid taste.

Individual afficionados appreciate these modifications of the cigar flavour and store therefore their cigars intentionally in an respecitvely drier or damper environment. Within the range of 65-75% cigars can be stored long-term without any concern. Caution is however required, if the humidity level exceeds 80%. In this case the cigar can begin to rot and mold.

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