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Wall Safes
Free shipping on over 99 $ under 70Lbs home in wall fire safe electronic, fireproof  and hotel in wall safes

Free shipping on over 99 $ under 70Lbs home in wall fire safe electronic, fireproof and hotel in wall safes

A home wall safe is designed for easy installation between 16o/c wall studs with a built-in front flange eliminating unnecessary re plastering. We have different kinds of home wall safes. A Residential wall safe will offer affordable burglary protection and may be equipped with standard mechanical combination or an electronic keypad lock. Our lowest price hotel wall safe will offer a quick access push button lock with a modular interior to organize valuables and files. And some of our fireproof wall safes will offer one hour fire rating. The perfect solution to today's high incidence of residential fire. If you have any question, please call our friendly expert technician that can help you choose the home wall safe that's best for you.
wall safe installition  instructions

wall safe installition instructions

Home wall safe installation instructions for model# WES2114

Tools required
Drill, Tape measure, pencil, framing square, socket set, stud finder, hole saw
Scroll saw or saber saw, utility knife, level, wood shims, and flashlight.
.1) unpack all electronic wall safes components from the carton, and familiarize you with them. This wall safe should contain the keys and screws.
.2) choose a location that is convenient for you, avoiding exterior walls that will not be easily located by others. Such as bedroom or closet.
.3) using a stud finder locate the approximate position of the right hand stud. Use your hole saw to drill a pilot hole to determine where the inside edge of this stud is located. Look inside this hole before cutting with a flashlight to check for electric, telephone and cable TV wires, heating ducts, or plumbing. It is important to avoid all such obstructions to prevent damage to your home during installation Using your square draw a line 21-1/8 inches along the inside edge of the stud. This is where you will install the hinge side of the electronic wall safe. Then using your square draw a line 14 inches to left from them top of your scribed line. Then repeat this on the bottom. Then draw a connecting vertical line. You should now have a rectangle 21-1/8 high by 14 inches wide
.4) next starting at the pilot hole cut the sheet rock out with your saber saw. This is where it you have a helper hold the home wall safes in position while you temporally nail it with at least 3 inch nails through the outside 4 holes angle nail out to be sure to hit the studs before u let go of the hotel wall safes. Then the drill the bolt pilot holes and installs the bolts on the right side of the in wall fire safes. Do not over tighten. Repeat on left side. Remove the nails and replace them with the bolts or just pound them in all the way. Next install the shelves in the home wall safe.

Opening the hidden wall safe

To open the door of the gun wall safes for the first time. Press 1,5,9 (this is the preset digital combination numbers when the safe leaves the factory) and confirm by pressing the letter A. You will hear a beep and the green light will be on, and then open the wall safe door using the knob within 5 seconds.
If you or an intruder uses the incorrect group of numbers, it will not open. If the incorrect combination is used 3 times consecutively, you must wait for 20 seconds before reattempting.
If again the incorrect combination is selected 3 times, you must wait approximately 5 minutes before reattempting access.

Programming the digital keypad wall safe code

A. Locate the red button on the back of the wall safe door near the light bulb. Turn on the light to locate it. Press it and release it and you will hear two beeps. The yellow light will be on at the same time.
B. Now press from 3 to 8 numbers that you wish to uses as a combination, and confirm by pressing the letter B within 15 seconds. Or you have to do it from the beginning over.
C. Write down your new combination immediately and with the home wall safes door open check whether your new combination has been programmed. Enter the new combination then press the letter A. Remember A to open the home wall safe and B to change the combination.


If the batteries are low, the red light (in the middle) will warn you immediately. To test the batteries, just input your personal numbers to open the door. If the batteries are low, the red light will be on. If nothing happens, it means that the batteries are in order.


The digital wall safe require 4 x size AA (1.5 V) alkaline batteries. Open the home wall safe, push the battery cover plate clip on the back of the door and replace the 4 PCS old batteries. You must reprogram the code, using the above second step. Use of alkaline batteries is recommended.


For your convenience, we have engineered a manual override system for your wall pistol safes. If you forget or misplace your combination, peel back the A1 Quality safes sticker on the front panel, remove the small screw, lift the key pad panel from the left side and underneath it you can insert the key into the keyhole and turn it in a counter-clockwise direction, then turn the knob in clockwise direction towards the right. This will manually open your residential wall safe at any time.
A1-locksmith Service

A1-locksmith Service