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Hotel Residential Safes
Hotel Safes For Sale Hotel Wall Safes, Residential Safes and Hotel Room Safes

Hotel Safes For Sale Hotel Wall Safes, Residential Safes and Hotel Room Safes

Our new in room hotel safes / residential safe, with it's easy installation, maintenance, and management features has become a popular safe in the hospitality industry. Designed with the traveling guest in mind, hotel room safes can adequately secure laptop computers, cameras, jewelry and other valuables in the most user friendly hotel room safe made.
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Mesa MHRC916E Hotel and Residential Safe
Mesa HP916 Pedestal Safe for MHRC916E Hotel and Residential Safe
Home Safes: personal home burglary safe
Electronic Credit Card Hotel and Residential Safe
Hotel Safes - Electronic luxury hotel room security safes
Hotel Wall Safes - Digital keypad electronic hotel wall safe with card reader
Hollon Safe HHS-715 Hotel Safe
Hollon Safe HHS-719 Hotel Safe
Handgun Safe / electronic hotel safe - home handgun safe
Home Safes - electronic home handgun / hotel safe
Wall Safes: Home electronic drawer / wall mount gun safe
Handgun safe: electronic drawer safe home handgun safe
Wall Safes: low price electronic hotel wall safe - wall mount pistol safe
Hotel Safes: electronic credit card locking hotel safe
University Safes: campus safe LCD college safes
Fire Safe electronic burglary safe 1 hour fire rating.
Home Safes: large home electronic burglary safe
Fire Safes: electronic LCD burglary resistant fireproof safe
A1-locksmith Service

A1-locksmith Service

A1-Locksmith is committed to meeting the needs of its customers by providing the finest quality safes at the best value in the industry.
Electronic hotel safes bolt-down instructions To help provide maximum security, we strongly recommend your electronic hotel safe be bolted down. 1. Select a suitable and convenient location for your hotel room safes. Set the hotel room safe in place and use the holes provided in the bottom or back of the hotel wall safes to mark the location of the holes to be drilled in the floor or wall. It is not recommended to attempt to bolt to both floor and wall. If bolting to a wall, please ensure that the hotel wall safe is resting on a supporting surface, i.e. floor, table or shelf. 2. Move the safes for hotel away and drill holes of the appropriate diameter and depth for the type of hardware being used and the mounting surface (2 each 1/4 bolts, washers and masonry anchors). 3. Place the safes for hotels back over the holes and install the fasteners as required. 4. NOTE: For maximum security on models which have feet, remove feet before bolting to floor. comments posted on the utube video gone in 60 seconds Hey if your looking for a job call a1-locksmith i could use a good safe cracker. This hotel needs newer model safes. Next time try a1 quality safes. This video must be of a real old safe because they do not make them like that anymore. The new model hotel wall safes have a large keyhole under that cover plates not a little round hole. They use double-bitted high security lamina-type keys. Safe companies put thousands of dollars into their R&D and are constantly upgrading their products. I can assure u this trick will not open the newer models. He makes it look real easy to open. He would make a great locksmith except no beers on the job.