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X-09 High security safe lock / option CDX-09 door lock
X 09 option CDX 09
X-09 High security safe lock / option CDX-09 door lock
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X-09 makes your safe the safest with the X-09, electromechanical safe lock or CDX-09 door lock. X-09 is approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 filing cabinets and Class 5 and Class 8 Security vault doors. The X-09 and CDX-09 are self-powered using PowerStar� technology (an internal self-activating power-plant), and features a limited view LCD display. A twist of the dial provides all the power necessary to enter the combination, as well as review audit features. The X-09 or CDX-09 provide all of the benefits of high-security electronic locking while maintaining the reliability of a mechanical lock, independent of batteries or outside power sources. It�s security with a twist. Since the X-09 isn�t subject to mechanical limitations, it provides a far superior solution for your container needs. Advanced engineering assures that X-09 and CDX-09 entry codes can not be compromised by observing the dial position. Plus, the tamper-resistant X-09 can not be �hacked� because the digital information is hidden in the processor�s non-volatile memory. Representing a giant step forward in controlled access, the X-09 and CDX-09 features multiple modes of user access, and audit features. These user-friendly locks provide virtually maintenance-free operation and features Kaba Mas�s exclusive PowerStar� technology. PowerStar� Technology The X-09 and CDX-09 feature our exclusive PowerStar� technology which generates its own electrical energy with each turn of the dial. No batteries, wires or hassles. it�s electronic access control - with a twist. Audit Feature The X-09 has a full compliment of auditing features, including nonresettable openings log, and unsuccessful attempts log (audits after 3 unsuccessful attempts) that resets once the proper access code is entered. Three Modes of Operation Choose your level of operation. The Single Combination Mode allows access by dialing a six-digit combination. The Dual Combination Mode allows access only when two separate codes are entered within 10 seconds of one another. The Supervisory/ Subordinate Mode allows access by a subordinate only after a supervisor code has been entered.
Back Cover: Lock on back cover pin prevents removing the back cover without the combination
Combinations: 3 modes: 1 million combinations
Lock Reset: Automatic when bolt is thrown
Wrong Try Penalty: 10-14 errors results in a 3 minute time out
Features Benefits
Direct dial No need to clear before entering combination. Once you stop turning the dial, the power will shut down after 40 seconds.
LCD Limited View Liquid Crystal Display with indicator arrows makes dialing easy and exact.
Manipulation Fail secure against high-voltage attack, robot attack, X-ray methods, magnetic, vibration, and R/F.