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Waterproof Floor Safes : sentry in floor safe
Sentry safes sale
Waterproof Floor Safes : sentry in floor safe
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Waterproof Floor Safes Concealment is a key way to protect your valuables. What thieves cannot find, they cannot steal. Floor Safes can easily be installed by any do-it-yourselfer. As an added precaution against flooding, the Floor Safe is waterproof. Your Sentry floor safe is waterproof when the waterproof lid is secure and installed per waterproof instructions. To engage, set in position on top of safe and turn clockwise to tighten. To gain access to combination door, remove waterproof lid by turning counterclockwise.
int dim 8-8/32 x 10-1/2
ext dim 9-9/16 x 15-23/32
capacity .31 cu ft
weight 42 lbs
Features Benefits
Rugged 12-guage steel
Big easy-to-read combination dial
4-number combination for greater security