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Sentry Safe: Data Storage Chest & File sentry safe
sentry safe on sale
Sentry Safe: Data Storage Chest & File sentry safe
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Important information is saved in many formats, including sensitive computer and audio/visual media. While paper will not char until 450� F (232� C), damage to computer media occurs as low as 125� F (52� C). The interior of a Fire-Safe� Data Chest or File remains well below this level during an average fire. Protect your CDs, DVDs, Flash and Hard Drives with Sentry�Safe Ensuring your electronic data is just as safe as your hard copy documents is becoming even more important in this information age. Ever mindful of your growing security needs and always on the cutting-edge of technology, Sentry�Safe offers a wide range of products that store and protect your CDs, DVD, USB ports, flash and hard drives from theft, fire and water damage. Don�t ignore your digital assets�be sure they receive the same protection as your other valuables�back up often and entrust your media storage to Sentry�Safe.
Exterior H x W x D 13 9/16" 15 1/4" 12 1/8"
Capacity 0.29 cu. ft.